Posted in News by David Quirk on July 13, 2012


Work Experience. Some people are filled with dread; others can’t wait until their week of making tea in an accountant’s or stacking shelves in Halfords is over. But I think I’ve really hit the jackpot with Quirk and Hyll.

I am doing my first year of my GCSE art and it is my favourite subject – I wanted to discover some ways I could possibly do it in the future, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to learn more about how creativity can be used in the workplace.

At the beginning of the week, I was set a project to make some logos and design business cards and letterheads, just in time to show my teacher when she came to visit. This was the first time I had really done any design using the computer and really enjoyed. Definitely going straight home to buy Adobe Illustrator.

A big thank you to David for this opportunity – I have thoroughly enjoyed my week here, learnt loads and met some great people. A great experience.

I just wanted to ad Libby did this pic with a biro!! She’s fab and we all wish her an exciting future ;0) D.


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